Margin Trading on the Crypto Exchange Brexit Millionaire

In the area of identification, such high security standards can hardly be found at any other cryptocoin exchange nowadays, so Brexit Millionaire has actually learned from the negative consequences of the hacker attack, although the security precautions were certainly not deficient before that either. Another part of the security concept is that about 99 percent of the coin holdings are stored in an offline wallet. Only about 0.5 to 1.0 percent of the coins are actually managed online. It is the case that so-called front-end servers do not have access to these wallets. We would also like to mention that the cryptocoin exchange Brexit Millionaire uses a relatively rare and at the same time high password security. Thus, a password is only used once for a login or transactions, so a different password is required for subsequent transactions. This significantly reduces the risk that a password can be spied out or hacked, as is the case with other passwords that are sometimes used for weeks, months or even years.

Also part of the extensive security concept is a daily automatic backup, which is also encrypted. Furthermore, Brexit Millionaire uses the services of a third-party IT security provider, which makes its monitoring services available. All withdrawals are monitored by the security system and those IP addresses from which withdrawals were initiated are stored. In addition, there is a manual and random review of withdrawals that have come to the attention of staff as unusual. Furthermore, the server network is always equipped with up-to-date software designed to detect viruses or Trojans, for example. Duplication of backup data is automatic and there is further protection against so-called DDBS attacks.

Margin Trading on the Cryptocoin Exchange Brexit Millionaire

By far not all cryptocoin exchanges already provide their customers with the so-called margin trading. Brexit Millionaire, on the other hand, is one of these providers that not only offer simple trading, i.e. buying and selling cryptocurrencies, but also offer the possibility to speculate on the performance of the coins. This is possible with a leverage that can be up to 3.3 times the capital investment (from the customer’s point of view).

The customer thus receives quasi financing of the cryptocoin platform provided by Brexit Millionaire. For this, the trader only has to open a position and is automatically provided by Brexit Millionaire with the desired financing through the existing leverage.

In addition to margin trading, there are also numerous order types and trading options that can be used via Brexit Millionaire. Among others, the following order types are particularly worth mentioning here:

  • One-cancels-the-other
  • Limit
  • Markets
  • Stop